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2020 Scholarship Program attachment from Cliff Newman at National. posted 27mar2020

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From: Joe Pruett <prujoe@bellsouth.net>
Date: Fri, Mar 27, 2020, 16:15
To: Joe Pruett <prujoe@bellsouth.net>

                           CHAPTER 76
            South Florida Chapter 
           “The Green Berets”

March 27, 2020

Hello SF Members and Friends of the Association,

We are forwarding the 2020 Scholarship Program attachment from Cliff Newman at National.
If you have a relative that would like to apply, please download the application and have them submit.

Joe Pruett on behalf of
Ed Pijuan

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JOE PRUETT (C Co ’80-’89)

 1 MAR, 2020
Dear USASOC Family
I am writing as a representative of the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) Soldier, Family & Command Support Association. Our Association supports Soldiers and Families of USASOC. The USASOC SF&CSA was recently the recipient of a grant from the Patriot Foundation, a benevolent organization located in Pinehurst, NC.  The Patriot Foundation provides support to Families of U.S. Army units.  In this case, the funds that they provided to our association were for the specific purpose of providing pre/post high school educational assistance to the children of U.S. Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) soldiers who were wounded or injured while on active duty.

Your Care Coalition Advocate and / or your chain of command recommended your family as a
possible recipient for an educational scholarship in the amount of $2,500.00 dollars.  This Scholarship will be based on an application sent to our association from you on behalf of your child or children.  To qualify, recipients must be the child of a Soldier assigned to a USASOC unit who was wounded, injured or received a disability rating from the Veterans Administration while on active duty. Not every applicant will be awarded a scholarship – the availability is limited.
If you are selected and you accept this grant on behalf of your child, the money must be used for the pre/post high school educational expenses.  This scholarship may be used at an accredited two or four-year-college or university, post-graduate, or vocational school.  If the child is currently in college, the funds will be sent directly to the school bursar/registrar for his/her tuition account.  If the child is not of college age, a 529 College Savings Plan must be established in the child’s name, and the funds will be sent directly to that account. A 529 account can be established in the name of your child at almost any banking or credit union center.

Please find the attached form for you to complete and return. It must be filled out in its entirety. If selected for a scholarship, this form will serve as your agreement to use the funds as stipulated. A Testimony or Letter must then be written by the child (or yourself if the child is unable) in their own words, letting us know how the scholarship funds will benefit your child's education. Please do not indicate how the scholarship will pay for schooling – as this is assumed. A narrative of the benefits of the education is what our board is seeking. Your letter will be shared with the Patriot Foundation as a "Thank You" for their support.  You may sign, scan and email the letter to us at: 
usasoc.org1@gmail.com.  If you prefer, mail the completed form to: USASOC Scholarships, C/O Mr. Sandy L. Pickard, P.O. Box 82088, Fayetteville, NC. 28304.
Again, if your child is currently enrolled in a post high school program, we will need to coordinate to ensure proper forwarding to his/her tuition account.  If your child is not yet enrolled, we will need the information for his/her 529 account for disbursement.

The USASOC Soldier, Family & Command Support Association and Patriot Foundation’s policy on scholarship grants provided to students/children is that any student granted a scholarship is authorized to use scholarship monies toward any and all academic requirements. This includes tuition, student fees, the purchase of laptops, books, etc. Our scholarships apply to full and part time students equally.
The USASOC Soldier, Family & Command Support Association and the Patriot Foundation wish you and your family great success in your child's educational pursuits.  We look forward to hearing back from you – but not later than 1 May 2020. Please apply in a timely manner as scholarship allocation is limited.
Very Respectfully,

Mr. Sandy Pickard
Executive Vice President
Scholarship Program Coordinator
USASOC Soldier, Family & Command Support Association

 (2 enclosures)


Enclosure 1:  Soldier / Parents Agreement USASOC Scholarship 2020

Please complete the following. This information is necessary to determine eligibility.

Soldiers full Name and Rank:   -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Complete home mailing address: ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Soldier’s branch of service:       ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Soldier’s was Injured/wounded/ or VA %:  ------------------------------- --------------------------

Parent home e-mail address:        ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Preferred phone number/s:           ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Emergency contact #:                    ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Soldier’s unit/units served in:       ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Child’s name and date of birth:    -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Child’s HS graduation year:         ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Child’s Current Grade in School:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------

University/name of school attending:  -----------------------------------------------------------------

Number of dependents in household:    --------------------------------------------------------------

Ethnicity/race:             ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                                                                                                        
* I agree to accept this $2500 scholarship grant on behalf of my child and promise to use the funds as directed for the post-high school education expenses for my child.

*  If my child is not currently in a post high school academic institution, I have or will establish a “529 Education Fund” account for my child and the funds will be deposited into that account to be held until such time they are needed for his or her post-high school education.

1.    529 Account Number:  ___________________________________________

Name of Banking Institution and the address of that institution

Name:  ___________________________________________________

Address:  __________________________________________________


Enclosure 1:  Soldier/ Parents Agreement USASOC Scholarship 2020 (continued)

2.    School/High School, University, College or Trade School Program where child is currently enrolled and the address of the Financial Office or Office of the Bursar                                                                               

Name:  ________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

Student account #: _________________________________________________

Signature of USASOC Soldier, or Spouse, if soldier not available:  


Print Name:


Date Signed: __________________.

Medical specialist needed during Coronavirus Outbreak posted 25mar2020

                           CHAPTER 76
            South Florida Chapter 
           “The Green Berets”

March 25, 2020

Hello SF Members and Friends of the Association,


    The U.S. Army is reaching out to gauge the interest of our retired officers, noncommissioned officers and Soldiers who would be willing to assist with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic response effort should their skills and expertise be required.

    These extraordinary challenges require equally extraordinary solutions and that's why we're turning to you -- trusted professionals capable of operating under constantly changing conditions.  When the Nation called -- you answered, and now, that call may come again.

    If interested and you remain qualified to serve in any of the following health care specialties: 60F: Critical Care Officer; 60N: Anesthesiologist; 66F: Nurse Anesthetist; 66S: Critical Care Nurse; 66P: Nurse Practitioner; 66T: ER Nurse; 68V: Respiratory Specialist; 68W: Medic - we need to hear from you STAT!

    If you are working in a civilian hospital or medical facility, please let us know.  We do not want to detract from the current care and treatment you are providing to the Nation.

    While this is targeted at medical specialties, if you are interested in re-joining the team and were in a different specialty, let us know your interest.

    If interested please contact Human Resources Command, Reserve Personnel Management Directorate, at usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.g3-retiree-recall@mail.mil or call 502-613-4911, and provide your phone number, address, email, and MOS/Branch.

    LTG Thomas C. Seamands

    Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1

    Delivered by Defense Finance and Accounting Service

Joe Pruett on behalf of
Ed Pijuan

Aviano Airman warms those back home to take Covid-19 Seriously posted 25Mar2020

Aviano Airman Warns Those Back Home to Take COVID-19 Seriously

Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 taken at Hall of Heroes in Caserma Ederle, Vicenza, Italy.
Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 taken at Hall of Heroes in Caserma Ederle, Vicenza, Italy, March 16, 2020. (Davide Dalla Massara/U.S. Army)
Hunkered down in Italy with her 2-year-old son, Jordan Grass has seen the best and the worst of the coronavirus pandemic.
The Eau Claire, Wisconsin, native, a U.S. Air Force staff sergeant stationed at Aviano Air Base, is living under a nationwide lockdown ordered in a desperate attempt to slow COVID-19's death march across the country.
"This thing terrifies me and I'm a healthy, active, young person," said Grass, whose husband, Tye, is on temporary duty in an undisclosed location and unable to rejoin his family until at least mid-May. "There are just too many unknowns about this disease."
Italy has become the worldwide epicenter of the pandemic, surpassing China on Thursday for the largest number of coronavirus-related deaths and leaving hospitals and morgues increasingly overwhelmed. As of Friday, Italy had reported 4,032 deaths from COVID-19, more than a third of the worldwide total, according to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center.
For Grass, 24, the grim statistics mean she is staying home with her son almost all of the time other than the three days a week she goes to her job as a resource adviser at the base. The 2013 graduate of Eau Claire North High School lives in a stand-alone house in Pordenone, about 40 miles north of Venice in northeast Italy.
"Thankfully, we have a wonderful Italian nanny who despite the circumstances is willing to watch our son, Theo, while I'm at work," Grass said in an email interview.
She is taking pains to avoid exposing her son, the nanny and the nanny's 80-year-old mother to the virus.
Grass does all of her grocery shopping on the base, where only one person has tested positive for COVID-19 so far although more than 100 reportedly have been self-quarantined, and hasn't entered an Italian civilian shop of any kind for three weeks.
"Almost all the cars I pass on my way to work have people wearing masks and the majority of people in the stores have gloves on," she said. "It's almost like the new norm."
Her local news is filled with information about ever-tightening restrictions for residents. Police are driving around scenic Italian cities and villages ordering people to stay inside via loudspeakers. People are only allowed to leave their homes for work, medical needs and necessities such as groceries and prescriptions.
"Anytime you're outside your home you have to carry a declaration paper created by the Italian government stating that you have not tested positive for COVID-19, that you aren't under quarantine and why specifically you are leaving your home," Grass said. "And if they don't think your reason is valid, they are allowed to fine you."
Stores, meanwhile, are limiting the number of people inside so they can maintain the required social distancing. Others remain outside lined up with the appropriate space between them.
"It's a little nerve-wracking being here now," Grass said. "The thought of not being able to leave or go home to the States gives you a sense of helplessness."
Family Connections
With Secretary of Defense Mark Esper's recent "stop movement" order preventing her husband from returning home until at least May 11, Grass communicates daily with Tye as well as both of her parents in Eau Claire.
Grass's mom, Kelly Olson, said it is extremely stressful knowing that her daughter and grandson are living in a global COVID-19 hot spot.
"I think about it all the time. It's so scary with them so far away," Olson said, labeling Italy's death toll "terrifying."
The scene is starkly different from the serene memories Olson has of visiting Grass in August, when they spent time visiting many of Italy's famous tourist destinations.
All Olson can do now is continue to send care packages filled with toys, puzzles, sidewalk chalk and craft items to help keep Theo entertained as the lockdown drags on.
When the outbreak first started to get bad in Italy, Olson offered to bring Theo back to Eau Claire, but Grass didn't want to be separated from her son.
"And now it doesn't look like it will be any different here anyway," Olson said ruefully.
As for Theo, he is holding up well so far, Grass said, thanks to plenty of attention from mom and access to a yard where he can play.
Singing from Balconies
Throughout the national emergency, Grass, who loves the people and culture of Italy, has been buoyed by the sight of Italians coming together to keep a positive outlook despite the unprecedented and frightening situation.
"They are singing from balconies all over the country to try and keep in good spirits during this dark time," she said.
Another prominent example of the Italians' we-shall-overcome attitude, she said, is that people across the country are making and displaying signs with rainbows and the phrase "Andra Tutto Bene," which means everything will be fine.
By contrast, Grass has been dismayed to see news accounts of some Americans not taking the COVID-19 threat seriously, especially with some experts suggesting that the United States is potentially only about two weeks behind Italy in the progression of the virus.
Strong Message
"People in the States may be taking this lightly, but being right in the middle of it is actually pretty scary," she posted recently on Facebook. "Every day things get worse."
Grass wrote that post March 12, just three weeks after the country reported its first coronavirus-related death. Italy, which is about the size of Arizona, grieved more than 2,000 deaths in the ensuing week, according to the Washington Post. The Johns Hopkins center reported that Italy had 47,021 cases of the virus, including 4,440 people who had recovered, as of Friday.
Aviano Air Base officials keep all of the personnel stationed there informed of the latest developments related to the disease's progression through an app and by hosting virtual town halls on Facebook Live.
For people back in the Chippewa Valley, where the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Eau Claire, Chippewa and Dunn counties were announced by health officials on Thursday, Grass's warning can be summed up in two words: Stay home.
Heeding authorities' instructions to practice social distancing is about being considerate of others, especially older people and those with underlying health conditions who are at higher risk of death or serious complications from the virus, said Grass, who fears the crackdown on movement was put in place too slowly in Italy.
"If people would practice social distancing and stay home, it would be easier to contain, therefore interrupting their lives for a shorter amount of time," she said.
Much to her regret, Grass speaks from experience. 

82nd Airborne South Fla chapter planned activities after today are suspended or on hold until future notice posted 15mar2020