Special Forces Association Chapter 76 --- South Florida Chapter, "The Green Berets"

During Pool Party on August 27th, a check in the amount of $1000 
was presented to "Special Operations of S. Florida" from Special Forces Ch 76 

L-R : Non-SF person, 7th Group Mbr in Black Polo is Jim DeMatteo, Al Hernandez, Cy Mermelstein, Ed Pijuan, Joe McCormack, Jim Trice, Lou Carrion, Bill Eades, Tom House, Bob Buffington

               Sunday ,June 5th, All Airborne Chapter Picnic 

At TY Park , Hollywood

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House Seeks to Extend On-Base Privileges to Vets

Congress is considering opening on-base shopping to any veterans with service-connected disabilities, Purple Heart and Medal of Honor recipients, former prisoners of war and veteran caregivers. The expanding eligibility is a provision of the House-passed version of the fiscal 2019 defense authorizationGet the full story about Congresses steps to expand access to commissaries and exchanges on Military.com.

C H A P T E R X L I . July Newsletter

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Information and Registration information for 5th SF Group Reunion posted 3jul18

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From: <sfahq@aol.com>
Date: Tue, Jul 3, 2018, 11:15
Subject: Rooms for the 5th SFG Reunion

 The reunion hotel will continue to be the Country Inn and Suites located at 3075 Wilma Rudolph BLVD, Clarksville TN; their space and accommodations for the Chapter and our guests is unmatched by any other establishment locally for the price. Room rates are $89 plus tax and a block of rooms have already been established. Reservations (for the $89 rate) must be made by calling the hotel (931-645-1400) or by emailing cx_clrk@countryinns.com - you cannot book these rooms in this group via their toll-free number or company internet site. - -
Cliff Newman
Executive Director
Special Forces Association
PO Box 41436
Fayetteville, NC 28309
(910) 485-5433

Registration information
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From: <sfahq@aol.com>
Date: Tue, Jul 3, 2018, 09:15
Subject: 5th SFG Reunion

A flyer for Chapter 38 and the 5th SFG Reunion was in the Spring Drop.  They are having website issues. Attached is a registration form in Power Point and PDF.  If you plan on attending please let them know asap. Hopefully see you there.

Cliff Newman
Executive Director
Special Forces Association
PO Box 41436
Fayetteville, NC 28309
(910) 485-5433

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SFA Chapter XV July Newsletter posted 02jul18

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Subject: SFA Chapter XV July 2018 Newsletter

Attached is SFA Chapter XV Newsletter for July 2018. Cliff, please distribute to your email list.
Chapters and SF/SFA organizations are invited to be added to the Chapter XV email list by sending an email to sgmgee@aol.com containing a request with the desired email address.

Buddy & Sharon Gee

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Request for assistance...30jun18

                           CHAPTER 76
            South Florida Chapter 
           “The Green Berets”

June 30, 2018

Hello SF Members and Friends of the Association,

Fairly self-explanatory assistance request
From: m.e. jackson <docmej1@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, Jun 29, 2018 at 9:31 AM
Subject: Call for Veteran's assistance
To: Robert Murphy <robmur1966@gmail.com>
I have, for a couple of years, been feeding a dozen vets that were homeless and now are in a VA program where they receive housing assistance. They live near Lantana and Military Trail in Palm Beach County (Lake Worth I think). I spend most of my time in KY and Ohio and am no longer able to provide this service. It takes a couple of hours every Tuesday morning and requires only a little light lifting and a vehicle. Only one of the vets has a vehicle and he has no legs. All of these guys have serious problems and need this help. All you have to do is deliver the food, one pick up and one drop off. Nothing else is required. The food is more than adequate and sometimes crazy good. It probably reduces their total food expenses by 75%. The food pick up point and vets housing are only about 1 mile apart. There is no pencil pusher or pointy head involved in this. I did this all on my own because I got frustrated trying to get non profits etc.to actually do some real work with boots on the ground rather than sit around and take notes on what the problems are. 
If you will please put this out to the membership we may find somebody in Palm Beach county willing to pick up the shovel. 
I can be contacted at 561-389-3379 to provide the particulars. 
This has been a serious good enterprise that provides maximum benefit for minimal work. 
Michael Jackson

Joe Pruett on behalf of
Ed Pijuan

Chapter Blog is located at http://SFACH76.Blogspot.com/

Please update your email address to prevent interruptions









JOE PRUETT (C Co ’80-’89)

10th Special Forces Group alumni Night -July 26th

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From: Chandler Doris CIV (10SFG) <chandled@socom.mil>
To: Chandler Doris CIV (10SFG) <chandled@socom.mil>
Sent: Tue, Jun 26, 2018 11:33 am
Subject: 10th SFG (A) Originals, BN CMD teams, Veterans and Alumni

COL Gil Ferguson, Commander, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) requests
the pleasure of your company for Alumni Night, Thursday, the twenty- sixth
of July at six o'clock in the evening, Group Headquarters Building. Please
join us for an evening of history and memories as we tour our compound
together. Heavy appetizers and libations will be served; guests are welcome
to bring their own cigars. The evening will culminate with a visit to the
newly renovated Regimental Mess Hall, with stops at Battalions, various
locations of legend and compound haunts.

- Guests are invited to bring a bottle to stock the bar in the Regimental
Mess Hall bar.

- Please ensure anyone wishing to attend RSVPs at link so we are prepared
for an accurate count:

- SFA, please share this invitation with your organizational distro list.

The undersigned and Ms. Doris Chandler (719) 524-1840, are POCs for this
event. The evening involves a walking tour; please inform us if mobility
support is required.



CPT Julianne Barcia
Group Protocol Officer/Community Relations 10th Special Forces Group
(Airborne) Fort Carson, Colorado

Ph.: 719-524-1035
Cell: 808-371-7373
NIPR: Julianne.barcia@socom.mil
SIPR: julianne.barcia@socom.smil.mil

Veteran's Day Cruise organized by Chapter 77 Nov 11-18 , 2018

Special Forces Association Sponsored Veterans Day Cruise November 11-18, 2018

** Each Chapter/organization that books into the group will receive fundraising dollars for those bookings to use for charities they support.

A relaxing 7-night Dream Cruise Vacation to the Western Caribbean aboard the beautiful Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas.  Ports of Call include Roatan (Honduras), Belize City (Belize), and Cozumel (Mexico).  
***** With a generous donation from Royal Caribbean Int. and Dream Vacations, your vacation will help to raise much needed monies for Veterans based charities.  
*****This cruise includes dining, entertainment and beautiful ports of call. Relax pool side, listen to music in the various gathering spots or enjoy a rousing time in the ship's Casino. After an active day on the ship or in port, watch a beautiful sunset and enjoy the sounds of Broadway style entertainment. 
     Special group events will include a Sail Away Party, Veteran Appreciation events and a Military Guest Speaker.   

Space is limited:  Contact Carle Hurst, Vacation Planner for more details or to reserve your stateroom.  Phone: (512) 956-8357 or   churst@dreamvacations.com     Web: www.YourVacationLady.com.  

Any medics from class 2-82 note the following

SF Medic Class 2-82 will be holding a reunion at Fort Bragg, NC on October 12-14, 2018. A block of hotel rooms has been reserved and activities planned.

Contact: SGM John Roberts, (601)-454-7221, Johncurtisroberts@gmail.com or Jay Hohenhaus (570)-404-5596 jayhohenhaus@gmail.com

Also, we are looking for contact information on classmates:

Name Last 4 of SSN

Leo J. VanDeusen #0724. 

John C. Dibert #7900

Kirby C. Craig #8294

Leonard T. Rogers #7215

James W. Phillips #2291

Frank W. Flanagan, Jr. #7793

Michael Clark 12th Gp. Pasadena, CA

George A. Koenig #2855

Robert L. Drane #2434

Robert Lee Smith, 20th P. MSANG 20th

Michael L. Mooney #5319

James Lynch, MDARNG 20th GP

Thomas Adkins, WVANG 19th GP

Glenn Laird, RIANG 19th Gp.

Jay T. Hohenhaus 

Vietmam Trip by Cliff Newman Exec Dir Special Forces Association

Friends and fellow members,

I have received numerous inquires on how my recent trip back to Vietnam went.  First, I would like to thank the Board for their understanding of me being gone during the Convention. And I would like to thank all my friends for their support and positive comments.  I will save a lot of detail for a possible article in the next Drop, and the entire story is pretty well known.  For reference google "The Missing Men of RT Intruder." The DPAA Team I went with is still in country doing their thing. It will be a while before their "official" report comes out. So, my comments are mine alone and it is not my position to make any official statements. I've been involved with this Case 1706 since the late '90's when I was living in LA and contacted by someone from the JCRC.  Since then I have had a couple of trips aborted but finally got back in country in 2003 for an unsuccessful mission. I went back in 2015 (right before the flood) for another unsuccessful attempt.  This was my third attempt and with the total support of the DPAA and the unprecedented cooperation of the Vietnamese and Laotians, we did get to the top of hill 1528 overlooking the A Shau valley on one side and Laos on the other. We trekked about a click and 1/2 down to the crash site of RT Intruder on a path cut by Laotian soldier/workers.  

The story started in February, 1971, when RT Intruder, a Recon Team from MACV SOG CCN, was being extracted on strings from a hot LZ in the area mentioned above. There were three SF team members on strings; Sammy Hernandez, Allen Lloyd and Doc Watson.  The Huey, from the 101st Comancheros, was shot down. Sammy's rope miraculously broke and he survived. No one else did.  I went in with the Bright Light Team, RT Habu, and we found the crash. Not a pretty sight. We policed up what we could and did what we could with the remains. The weather came in later in the day as it always does up there and we had to select an RON site. Our plans were to recover the crew and our two guys the next morning and get out.  At around 0700 we (6 US and 6 Montagnards) were assaulted from above the ridge line by an estimated platoon size force. Long story short, four and 1/2 hours later we managed to get extracted by Jolly Greens with minimal wounded and no casualties. Why no one went back in later to get the bodies is beyond me.  I left country shortly after and went to the 10th SFG at Ft. Devens, later to the 1st on Oki.  

I recognized the area almost immediately and it was confirmed by various methods that we were within 6 meters of the crash site.  Naturally with the constant climate changes there was no visible evidence, hence no closure yet.  They did find quite a lot of shell fragments, undoubtedly from the Cobras, Spads and Fast Movers I worked in 1971.  I personally do feel some sense of closure as I have been to the spot and can mark an X where those brave men died. I think long term plans are to do a thorough excavation and investigation in that area and hopefully closure will come eventually.
I've attached a couple of pictures; 1-Marble Mountain where CCN once stood, 2 and 3 - me on either side of the Lao/VN border, 4 and 5 - the trail from the LZ down and back from the site, 6 - the resting place of RT Intruder.


Cliff Newman
Executive Director
Special Forces Association
PO Box 41436
Fayetteville, NC 28309
(910) 485-5433
VN Side
Laos Side

Marble Mountain

Raffle / Election Results 2018

2018 SFA-MBF Raffle Winners

1st place $600.00 David Malone M-1202 Chapter LXXII

2nd place $450.00 Robert W. Ramsey D-865 Chapter XXII

3rd place $350.00 William Custer D-9173 Chapter LXVIII

4th place $250.00 Mark L. Roemer D-5822 Chapter I-XVIII

5th place $150.00 John Sosa A-3139 Chapter LV

Election Results 2018 – 2020

                                    President – Gary Koenitzer

                                    Vice President – John Dixon

                                    Treasurer – Chris Tackett

                                    Secretary – Jim Blanchard

                                    Director of External Communications – Doug Livermore

                                    Project Management Officer – Mike Goodrich

11th SFG Bi-Annual Reunion 2018

Date: Saturday11 August 2018 from 1200 hrs to 1730 hrs **rain or shine**
Note: No food served after 4pm.
Location: Burba Lake Cottage Area at Ft Meade, MD
Cost: $30.00 per person (a portion will go to one or more Special Operations charities)
Menu: Barbeque pork and chicken and assorted sides.
Drinks: Beer, soda, wine.

The Reunion also raises money for the very worthy Special Operations charities.  As in the past, money will be raised at the reunion event or you can make a donation when you mail in your registration. The charities will be announced at the reunion.

The Reunion Committee notes the recent passing of long time 11th SFer and Reunion Committee member, SGM Herb Shapiro.  RIP, SGM.

Please be aware that Ft Meade has new security requirements to enter the base that are changes from the previous reunion.  Refer to the attached flier for details.

See attached flier and registration form.

On-line copies of the flier can be found here:

Vietnam Footage Call

Any Vietnam vets out there who had time to film themselves, this produce sounds legit.

Cliff Newman
Executive Director
Special Forces Association
PO Box 41436
Fayetteville, NC 28309
(910) 485-5433

-----Original Message-----
From: Kevin Sninsky <asst.creative@louredaproductions.com>
To: sfahq <sfahq@aol.com>
Sent: Mon, Jun 18, 2018 2:38 pm
Subject: Vietnam Footage Call

Dear Cliff,

My name is Scott L. Reda and since 1983 my company, Lou Reda Productions, has worked hard to preserve and share America’s military history through film. Lou Reda has been a longtime collaborator with History Channel and National Geographic, producing shows such as Vietnam in HD and Brothers in War (Boys of 67). Included in the email is an interview with Vietnam Magazine that details our goals and history. We are continually looking for footage to continue to help preserve and show our nation’s history. Even if you personally don’t have any footage, we hope to share our call with as many veterans as possible. If you are able to share the following message in any way possible it would be a great help.

We are looking for 8mm and 16mm film of the Vietnam War and the American homefront. Upon receipt of your footage, we will clean and digitize to high definition, and return your original footage with a DVD copy. You will also be asked to sign a release form to allow use of in the future. For more information, please contact me directly at,  scott@louredaproductions.com. We greatly hope you will assist us in sharing America’s past through film and preserving it for the future.

The link below is the Vietnam Magazine interview.

Scott L. Reda
Lou Reda Productions
Lou Reda Productions is internationally known as a producer of top-quality non-fiction programming garnering immense praise in the form of People's Choice Award, Peabody, and nine Emmy nominations (including one win).

Fundraiser Eclipse Holsters

For all you shooters out there. Note this fund raiser for Chapter 100.  

Cliff Newman
Executive Director
Special Forces Association
PO Box 41436
Fayetteville, NC 28309
(910) 485-5433

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From: Chapter President <sfachapter100@gmail.com>
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Sent: Wed, May 9, 2018 10:54 pm
Subject: PROMO CODE for Eclipse Holsters


Chapter 100 has coordinated with Eclipse Holsters to get a 10% discount on items purchased from them.  They offer holsters, mag pouches, belts, and other gear.  They also do custom work.

The Promo Code is: GREENBERET10

And their website is: https://eclipseholsters.com/

Please feel free to spread the word.

Mark Guzman
Secretary SFA Chapter 100