Friday, January 20, 2023

Annual SF Reunion is 8 weeks away



          Chapter 76 - South Florida 

                “The Green Berets”


January 20, 2023

Hello Members and Friends of the Association,

Chris Bell with B Company writes:

Brothers: Just a quick REMINDER that our Annual SF Reunion is 8 weeks away! In case you forgot, here is the time and place:


WHEN:  Saturday, March 18th,  2023 – 1200 -1700 hours

WHERE:  Smokin’ Aces – 2509 N. Park Road, Plant City 33563. Darryl Schumacher has confirmed with their event planner the time and date and they are excited to have us back again.  

        PRICE: $25 per person. Please make checks out to Chris Bell – for B/3/20 Reunion - and mail to me at address shown below.



  1. PLEASE RSVP and send me your check ASAP so we can ensure the restaurant orders and prepares enough food for our event - Get the idea?? 


  1. We are providing Tea, Cokes, and water for the event.  As before anything else is BYOB – we’ll provide ice and coolers for your libations.


  1. We will have tables but bring a chair of some type and if you have one - feel free to bring a pop up for shade as it will be sunny and probably warm.





  1. We will be receiving a Special Forces 1911 from Dan Allen for a truly unique raffle - so bring cash to buy tickets.
  2. We will also be having our usual raffle but some new and interesting SF related items. 


If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, don’t hesitate to give us a heads Up. Looking forward to seeing each of you in a few weeks…



Chris R. Bell

1111 Jungle Avenue North

St. Petersburg, FL  33710-4327

Cell: 727.244.1016


"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty." - John F. Kennedy



Joe Pruett on behalf of

Ed Pijuan



Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Pass of Ted Cooley 18 jan


January 18, 2023

Thanks to Ted Cooley for passing this along…


Hello All,


Sorry everyone, I just received the official obituary for Rocky.  The website is


Charles E. "Rocky" Mistler

May 21, 1947 - January 15, 2023

Mistler – Charles E. “Rocky” Mistler, Jr. left his earthly home and stepped into his heavenly home on Sunday evening, January 15, 2023, surrounded by love and laughter with his family by his side.


Rocky was born in Jacksonville, Florida to Charles E.” Bud” Mistler, Sr. and Naomi Barker Mistler and was the only boy with four sisters. He was raised in Dinsmore and graduated from Paxon High School. Rocky joined the Army where he served our country in Vietnam. He was also in the Army National Guard, and a Green Beret in the United States Special Forces.  


Rocky moved his family to Callahan, Florida where he and his wife Bonnie raised their three daughters. Rocky served the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office for many years. Although he was not perfect, he was a big man with a big heart and positively impacted most everyone he knew. Rocky was a good friend to many people and never met a stranger.


Later in life, Rocky obtained a bachelor’s degree in bible studies.  He loved the Lord and wanted to talk to anybody and everybody about Jesus.


Rocky was a father, grandfather, great grandfather, brother, uncle, and friend who will be greatly missed. We know we will see him again one day.


Rocky was preceded in death by his father, Charles E. Mistler, Sr.; mother, Naomi Barker Mistler; sisters; Patsy Wilson, Fayette Layton, Jackie Waters.

 Charles E. "Rocky" Mistler

Rocky leaves behind the mother of his children, Bonnie Mistler; sister, Melody Whitley; daughters, Shelly (Mike) Harrison, Wendy (Andy) Thompson, Angie (Shawn) Copher; grandchildren, Cortney (Clayton) Burns, Alex (Danielle) Thompson, Christian (Kayla) Copher, Logan Harrison, Tori (Jay Paul) Stewart, Trenton (Brean) Thompson, Angelica Copher, Gunner (Virginia) Harrison, Alli (Neil) Kuypers, Elli Copher, Topher Harrison, Madison Harrison; great grandchildren, Carson, Cambri and Cohen Copher, Colton Stewart, Azalea Null, Lorelei Kuypers; many nieces and nephews; beloved family friends, Judith Ann Belz; Michael Antonini; Dusty Bechem.


The tribute above was prepared by Rocky’s loving family.


A Celebration of Rocky’s Life will be held on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. at Callahan First Baptist Church with Dr. Lynn Hyatt officiating. Interment will follow at Jacksonville National Cemetery where military honors will be rendered.  The family will receive friends on Monday, January 23, 2023, from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the church. The arrangements are under the care and direction of Nassau Funeral Home, 541720 US-1, Callahan, Florida 32011. 904-879-1770. Visit to sign the family’s guest book.



Joe Pruett on behalf of

Ed Pijuan



Saturday, January 14, 2023

Paying Chapter dues on Teamhouse

January 13, 2023

Hello Members and Friends of the Association,

It now appears that renewing memberships through Teamhouse is a viable, easy and convenient way for you to remain current and alleviates the need for you to fill out our form and mail in a check.  Many thanks to chapter Treasurer Jim Trice for his determination, hours of effort and communications to ensure your chapter receives its portion of renewal, life member and new member dues.  Monies have now begun flowing into our account.

For those few of you who have not yet renewed, please do so at your earliest convenience.  You will notice there is no renewal form attachment now.

Please review and update your profiles on Teamhouse at


Joe Pruett on behalf of

Ed Pijuan



Chapter 76 Facebook Site:


Chapter Blog is located at


Special Forces Association Online Teamhouse


Please update your email address to prevent interruptions































Saturday, January 7, 2023

Janauary Chapter meeting....Pictures

January 6, 2023

I realize that I left off two names on that photo I sent you on January 9th.  First one is the guy sitting next to Tracey Boyd (big guy in red shirt right side of table).  He is Luis Ibarra and he is in the plaid shirt with a white paper sticking out of the top of his pocket.


The other one who is not in the picture is Ed Pijuan because he is the photographer.

Hello Members and Friends of the Association,

Saturday morning January 7, 2023 at 1130 we will meet at Bahama Breeze, Kendall, 12395 SW 88th St, Miami, FL 33186


Joe Pruett on behalf of

Ed Pijuan


Tuesday, January 3, 2023

2023 Saint Philip Neri gold and silver awards.

January 3, 2023

Hello Members and Friends of the Association,

From SFA HQ: 

SFA Members,


Happy New Year to all.


As we kick off the new year, I wanted to send a quick reminder about nominations for the 2023 Saint Philip Neri gold and silver awards. The nomination period began on November 1, 2022, and it is now halfway through, with the window closing on February 28, 2023. Review the attached Saint Philip Neri Award link for an overview of some of the history of the Patron Saint of Special Forces and this award. All nominations must be submitted through the SFA public website at


The 2022 St Philip Neri award recipients were: Richard Simonian - Gold Award and SGM (Ret) Richard Maywald - Silver Award. The awards were presented during this year's SFA Convention banquet in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Congratulations to each of these deserving men.


If you have any questions, please contact JD Campbell, SFA National Secretary, at  




Saint Philip Neri Award

The Saint Neri is presented to individuals who have performed long-term conspicuous service on behalf of Army Special Forces 

Monday, December 26, 2022

4 Good Things Retirees Can Look Forward to in 2023

1. Social Security Checks Are Getting Bigger

If you’re on Social Security, you can expect your check to increase by 8.7% in January. It’s the biggest cost-of-living adjustment in four decades.

That’s equivalent to an extra $147 a month on average in your pocket. Of course, there’s a reason for the record cost-of-living adjustment (COLA)—inflation. The price of everything from groceries to housing keeps going up, so an extra 8.7% might not seem like much.What makes this year different is that the rising COLA won’t be eaten up by rising Medicare Part B premiums.

Plus, if inflation starts to decline next year, retirees still benefit from their bumped-up Social Security checks—at least until the new COLA is calculated in October 2023.

2. Medicare Premiums Are Going Down

Medicare beneficiaries will pay less for their Part B premium next year, the first decrease in a decade.

The standard Medicare Part B premium will be $164.90 a month in 2023, down from $170.10 in 2022. The Part B deductible is also going down.

The combination of higher Social Security checks and lower Medicare Part B premiums is great news for retirees. Most years, Social Security COLAs are eaten up by rising Medicare costs. (Most retirees get their Part B premium deducted from their Social Security checks.)

That means more money in your pocket, which is welcome news during high inflation.

But the good news comes with a caveat: Next year’s small reduction in Part B premiums (down $5.20) is just a fraction of the increase retirees shouldered in 2022—up $21.60 from 2021.

3. Retirement Account Contributions Limits Will Be Higher in 2023

Looking to retire in the next couple of years? You’ll get to enjoy increased retirement account contribution limits in 2023.

Prompted by runaway inflation, the IRS is ratcheting up 401(k) and individual retirement account (IRA) contribution limits faster than ever.

The maximum amount you can contribute to a 401(k), 403(b) and most 457 plans increases to $22,500, up from $20,500 in 2022, a record 9.8% increase. Contributions to IRAs will jump from $6,000 in 2022 to $6,500 in 2023, an 8.3% increase.

These new limits are particularly beneficial for workers over age 50 looking to catch up on their retirement savings.

The catch-up contribution limit for 401(k) plans is rising from $6,500 to $7,500 a year for those age 50 and older. The catch-up contribution limit for IRAs is $1,000 per year on top of your standard contribution limit.

4. Now Is a Great Time to Be a Saver

Interest rates keep rising as the Federal Reserve attempts to clamp down on inflation.

That makes it more expensive to take out a mortgage or car loan, but higher interest rates are great if you’re saving money.

Many retirees want a safe place to park their cash. Maybe you’re selling your home to downsize and don’t want to risk putting the proceeds in the stock market. Or maybe you’re taking required minimum distributions from your retirement accounts—and don’t mind earning some interest with a safe investment.

Next year is shaping up to be a great year for saving money. The interest rates on high-yield savings accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposit are higher than they’ve been in years.

In November, interest rates hit 3.75% to 4%. There’s been talk about rates hitting 4.5% by spring. That means you could earn even more money on your cash in 2023.

Consider this: Many high-yield savings accounts are boasting interest rates of 3% and higher. In 2021, you were lucky to get 1.5%

CDs are also enjoying higher rates, especially at online financial institutions. The average rate for a one-year CD was about 1.1% at traditional banks in November 2022 and as high as 3.75% at online banks and credit unions.

Savers have another tool in their toolbox: Series I Bonds from the federal government.

I bonds are one of the safest investments you can buy. They’re indexed for inflation, and the variable rate resets every six months.

On Nov. 1, the I bond rate reset to 6.89%, a decline from its record 9.62% rate. The new rate is good until May 1, 2023.

The overall rate is down, but there’s a silver lining. On Nov. 1, the Treasury Department announced a new fixed rate of 0.4%, the first time it’s been over 0% since May 2020.

If you buy an I bond from the U.S. Treasury Department between now and the end of April 2023, you can lock in that 0.4% fixed rate over the life of your bond—and it will be calculated in addition to whatever the variable inflation rate is in the future.

I bonds can be a solid way for retirees to protect their cash against inflation. You can purchase up to $10,000 of I bonds each calendar year.

You have to hold them for at least a year, and you’ll lose three months worth of interest if you cash out your I bonds one to five years after purchase.

Bottom Line

High inflation has been challenging for many retirees in 2022, but there’s good news on the horizon.

If you’re trying to protect your nest egg against rising costs, it makes sense to speak with a financial adviser or other professional who can help you create a personalized strategy.

This article was originally published by The Penny Hoarder.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

January Meeting of Chapter

December 19, 2022


Hello SF Members and Friends of the Association,

Saturday morning January 7, 2023 at 1130 we will meet at 

Bahama Breeze, Kendall, 12395 SW 88th St, Miami, FL 33186



Joe Pruett on behalf of

Ed Pijuan



New Chapter 76 Facebook Site:


Chapter Blog is located at


Please update your email address to prevent interruptions































Thursday, December 15, 2022

Drop Magazine

December 12, 2022


Thanks to SF Chapter 85 for putting out these messages regarding The Drop which we have slightly edited:

To Chapter Members:

After the next copy of the Drop arrives in your mailbox, the default delivery method to receive future editions will be to download a PDF version of it from the SFA Teamhouse website.  This will go into effect for the 2023 1st Quarter Drop. 

In preparation for the change, on December 8, 2022, the default delivery choice (found in your member profile) for ALL members was changed to “download the newsletter (Drop)”. The soon to arrive 2022 4thQuarter Drop will contain an insert explaining delivery options, and how to change them.  All members will still have the option to receive the printed copy via postal mail, but ONLY if they log in at the Teamhouse and change their delivery option. 

In the future, SFA members will receive an email when a new addition of the Drop is available for download. It's imperative that members make sure they have a valid email in their member profile at the Teamhouse.  You also need to know your login for the Teamhouse.  If you’ve forgotten your user name and/or password, use the help button found when you try to login or see step 7 below.

Those members who "don't do email" will have to reach out to their Chapter admin and ask the admin to set their delivery method to "I want a printed newsletter" to continue receiving a printed copy of the Drop via postal mail.

The Teamhouse website it at


For those members who are not receiving the Drop via US mail, and want to do so, here is the way:

1. Go to.... 

and click on member login at top right.

2. Click on your name in upper right corner 

3. Click Profile

4. Click Member Information

5. Click basic member info

6. Scroll down to other information

7. Click I want a printed newsletter

If you can not do it; call JAMIE at SFAHQ 910 485 5433 and she will do it for you.


Friday, December 9, 2022

X-mas Holiday Safety Luncheon

Hello Members and Friends of the Association,

An invitation from our own Ed Bello.




I hope all is well. With this email I forward you the invite to our Christmas/Holiday luncheon at PortMiami inviting you and the members of SFA Chap 76 to the event. 


Since, we (PMCM) are within the secured area of PortMiami, anyone that does not have a federal ID, the TWIC and a Miami Dade County ID will have to be escorted to our facility. However, we escort persons all the times to our facility, and it will not be a problem. Therefore, anyone wishing to attend please give Keisha or myself a call so we can coordinate your parking and transportation to our facility.


Also, I can prepare a map with instruction where to park and meet for the transportation. We have vans for transportation.


Let us ALL stay SAFE, VIGILANT, and follow all SAFETY measures.


Best regards,


Ed Bello | CEO


o:   +1-305-381-6250, ext-206

Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc. (PMCM)




This information is private, confidential and intended for the recipient(s) only.  If you are not the intended recipient of this message you are hereby notified that any review, dissemination, distribution or copying of this message is strictly prohibited. Please immediately inform us, PMCM of our mistake by replying to this emailing. In addition, please erase and do not make any copies of this message, nor send it or provide it to any other person. Please immediately delete it. Thank you.


Before printing this email, please think about the environment: LET US BE GREEN . . . . . . .


Joe Pruett on behalf of

Ed Pijuan


Holiday Safety Luncheon

2886 Port Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 At the Maintenance Shop Tuesday, December 13, 2022 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Roll Players at Camp landing

---------- Forwarded message ---------
Date: Wed, Dec 7, 2022 at 9:12 AM
Subject: Fwd: OPFOR Role Player Lead (Camp Blanding, FL) (Secret Clearance)

FYI - pass it around 
I know nothing or have contact with the vendor 

Ed Pijuan


A veteran- whether active duty, retired, National Guard, or someone who at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America for an amount of “up to and including my life”.
That is an Honor and there are way too many people who no longer understand it.

Begin forwarded message:

From: zak <>
Date: December 7, 2022 at 10:05:09 AM EST
To: job list <>
Subject: OPFOR Role Player Lead (Camp Blanding, FL) (Secret Clearance)


-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: OPFOR Role Player Lead (Camp Blanding, FL) (Secret Clearance)
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2022 09:03:32 -0600
From: Joseph Laskowski <>

OPFOR Role Player Lead


Ops Tech Alliance is seeking an experienced role player to be the OPFOR Lead in support of a Special Operations Forces (SOF) exercise.  The exercise is for close air support training and simulated strike events at Camp Blanding, FL as well as scenario coordination in Jacksonville, FL.   This is a short term, three week contract assignment and will terminate at the conclusion of the exercise.  


  • Active Secret Clearance
  • 4 years active and/or reserve military experience managing Special Operations Forces (SOF) teams consisting of 15 to 25 personnel
  • 2 years SOF experience managing training requirement set-up and execution 
  • Previous active and/or reserve SOF experience within the past 10 years
  • Must possess fundamental land navigation/map and compass skills
  • Experience using Universal Transfers Mercator coordinated, boundaries & point of origin 
  • Ability to walk over uneven terrain for 2 miles, jog 100 feet and climb three story stair

Joe Laskowski
Senior Technical Recruiter
Ops Tech Alliance, LLC

Monday, December 5, 2022

SF Chapter dues Notice 2022

December 4, 2022

Hello Members and Friends of the Association,

It is the time of year for membership renewals and the attached form provides the info needed.  We would like to ask that you follow instructions on the attached renewal form so that your chapter receives its portion of membership dues.  For life members and those with current memberships, please disregard.  



Joe Pruett on behalf of

Ed Pijuan


Chapter 76 - Special Forces Association                                                            Renewal/Reinstatement Form (Updated October 10, 2021)

***  It is Important that you remit dues DIRECTLY TO OUR LOCAL CHAPTER  ***

Without your dues, the effectiveness of our Chapter is impaired. Paid Dues cover the period from 1 January to 31 December of each year.  Members who do not pay dues by 31 January become delinquent and are placed on inactive status and will not receive future issues of The Drop or other official correspondence from SFA National.  Remember the strength of the Association rests with its members.

Dues paid after 30 September will be applied to the next year’s dues (and become effective immediately).  (PLEASE PRINT ALL INFO BELOW)

I, (Last) ___________ (First) ____________ (MI) ___ Mbr# __________ apply for renewal of my Membership in Chapter 76 of the Special Forces Association and submit the following information:

*** Life Members pay no annual dues *** All Dues Payable by Check or Money Order ***

___Annual Dues Renewal. $40.00 for a one-year renewal of my membership. Note: Annual renewal is $40.00 if paid before 30 January of each year.

___Reinstatement (if you missed the Jan 31 deadline). $45.00, which includes a $5.00 reinstatement fee along with the $40.00 annual renewal fee.  Note: annual renewals are $45.00 after 30 January of each year.

___Life Membership. $440.00 for a lifetime membership. The $440.00 fee applies to members in good standing only.

___Reinstatement & Life Membership.  $475.00 for reinstatement and lifetime membership of which $440.00 is the life membership fee, $30.00 is for annual dues and $5.00 is for reinstatement.

___Life Membership (65 and over). Date of Birth ___________. $320.00 for a lifetime membership. The $320.00 fee applies to members in good standing only.

___Reinstatement & Life Membership (65 and over). Date of Birth __________. $345.00 for reinstatement and a lifetime membership of which $320.00 is the life membership fee, $20.00 is for annual dues and $5.00 is for reinstatement.

Check/MO payable to: SFA Chapter 76.  Mail to: Jim Trice, P.O. Box 298, Oxford, FL 34484

Please Print:   Your current mailing address including City, State & Zip Code: 


Home Phone: (______) _______-_____________ Work Phone :(______) _______-_____________

Email Address: ___________________________ Date of Birth: ________________